– Packaging

Clear CollectionThe boxes at the left are a high quality crystal clear shallow box that holds our artisan confections beautifully and snugly.  We took these photos with all of the same confection, but you can imagine how stunning they are when filled with a variety (see snapshot at the bottom of this page)

Shown here and always available are 2 piece, 4 piece, 6 piece and 12 piece boxes.

Twelve Pack box

This is a snap of our gift box, which is available in 6 piece and 12 piece size.  The 6 piece size is also available in a beautiful cream color.  Any can be dressed with your choice of red, brown or royal blue ribbon or no ribbon at all.

Hansell Box 1Here is a snap of a recent 12 piece box we did for a client.  Send a comment below to receive back exactly what confections this one included, although we can make up any size box with any chocolates you choose.


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