Chocolate is for men, too

Man eating chocolate croppedWhy does the stereotype persist that chocolate gifts are mainly for women?  I can’t think of a single argument that stands up.  Your thoughts?

Myth: Chocolate is “pretty” and therefore feminine?  Reality: We think that the men in the landscaping, architecture and jewelry design business would take issue with this one.

Myth: Women have special psycho-biological needs, which chocolate serves.  Reality: Both genders have physical and emotional ups and downs.  Chocolate has been proven to improve circulation (when consumed regularly) and mental outlook, regardless of gender.  Click on this link to see a European directive, released September 2013:,year=,lang=en,keyword=,page=4,release=10743,read=en

Myth: Women have a special need to “indulge”.  Reality: Or is it that men indulge just as often, but don’t feel the need to talk about it?

Heart Box BrownTo put our chocolate where our sentiments are, we will be releasing soon our Valentine’s offerings, and one selection that will be especially suitable for men: a 12 piece ($32) brown-and-cream heart box (yes, one stereotype holds – men like conservative, muted colors) filled with The Extra Bold Collection.

Heart Box Red VelvetAlso coming: a delightful 24 piece red velvet heart box ($63), filled with our most fantastic flavors, known as The Creative Collection.

Placing your order early is a good idea.  Quantities are limited.

Please note, because some chocolate creations are either oversized or smaller, the actual count in the box may vary by one piece, + or -.

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